Social Media and the Committed: Friend or Foe?

Twitter, Facebook, chat rooms, etc. – these are all a part of an online club known as Social Media. And in this club, all the way in the back, is a door. A door that leads you straight into a dark, secret and extremely dangerous world. A world where people, whose paths would not have otherwise crossed, meet and chat…and sometimes do more.

Social media has made everyone and everything available to just about anyone. This ultimate availability may prove to test the boundaries of what we consider commitment.

But how does one define commitment…and more specifically, what causes its demise?

In this dark, secret place, two people (and hey, maybe more) share a connection, albeit a virtual one, it remains just that – a connection. Friendship and harmless flirting begins to enter into a more explicit and sensual arena, and soon the lines of this connection are blurred. For someone not in a serious relationship or in a very open relationship, this is all in the name of fun…but what happens when one of the parties is in a committed partnership? Should this “fun” be considered a breach in their relationship?

Some may argue that as long as these interactions are only acted upon virtually, and are done purely in the name of fantasy, no harm is done. But there are many who would disagree. After all, these connections involve real people who are directly affected by the others actions.

Virtual sex may be free of disease, but can it still be a killer?

In that heated moment, this once committed party committed to someone else. And while husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends may never become aware of this interaction…what if they did? Would they care? Would this breach be a killer of their trust, their love and ultimately, their relationship?

Commitment is defined as “[a]n engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.” By allowing ourselves to fulfill each and every fantasy we have at any moment, with whomever we choose (even if its not in the flesh), we need to ask ourselves how committed we really are.

The better question: If its all in the name of fun, why keep it a secret?

While you dont need to share every detail and every conversation you have when you are in a long-term relationship, it has long since been said that communication is the key to success. Engaging in such intimate activities with others and keeping them a secret could prove damaging, and makes one wonder is it really all in the name of fun or is it perhaps something more?

While answers to these questions will differ depending upon whom you ask, the only answers you should be concerned about are your own and those of your significant other. Relationships are tricky and the digital age is constantly changing, growing and testing the limits of just about everything. In this ever-changing, sexually-charged world, committed partners need to remember to keep the lines of communication open, and be sure to have clearly defined boundaries and expectations. Without these, everyone gets hurt.